Do snakes eat tomatoes?

Can snakes eat tomatoes

Many gardeners have asked this same question. I guess this question is probably due to the fact that some gardeners often see snakes around their tomato gardens; hence, they wonder if the tomatoes are the cause of the attraction. Some other gardeners think that snakes probably eat tomatoes. But what is the truth about this? Do tomatoes attract snakes, or do snakes eat tomatoes?

The answer is no. Snakes do not eat tomatoes. All snakes are carnivores, so they only eat animals or insects to survive. Snakes cannot digest nutrients from plants because of their body configuration.

Are snakes attracted to tomatoes?

If snakes don’t eat tomatoes, then why are they seen around tomato gardens? Does this not mean that snakes are attracted to tomatoes?

Well, the answer to this question is no; snakes are not really attracted to tomatoes. If you see a snake in a tomato garden, then it means that the snake is there for probably three reasons: either shelter, water, or food. I will explain further.

It is natural for predators to stick around in environments where they are easily sustained. Shelter, food, and water are the things snakes need to survive, so they naturally come to places where they can find them. Snakes can easily detect the smell of food (which are mainly insects and smaller mammals) by sticking out their forked tongue in the air to pick up the scent trail.

Why are snakes coming to my tomato garden?

There are many possible explanations for this. The first reason why you may find snakes around your tomato garden is because snakes are finding food sources around your garden. There are snake species that eat insects like grasshoppers, slugs, crickets, etc. If there are many of these insects in your garden, then there are high chances that snakes will come around to feast on them.

Another reason may be due to the fact that your garden provides a good source of shelter. Snakes are attracted to moist and dark places that can give them some cover from the elements; these places could be under rocks, logs, or other cool and dark areas. They can equally hide in tall grass, shrubs, and weeds, so if you don’t want to attract snakes to your tomato garden, you have to make sure that you trim your garden often.

Another reasonable explanation for a possible snake intrusion into your tomato garden may be the availability of water. Just like humans, snakes need water for their survival, so they would probably make a shelter in a place where they can easily find water.

Why do tomatoes attract snakes?

A Tomato Plant

Some people think that tomatoes attract snakes because of their bright red color, but this isn’t true. It’s a myth. Snakes can’t even see the color red because they are colorblind. Snakes only distinguish between blue and green; they are dichromatic. As we explained earlier, snakes are not really attracted to tomatoes.

What Is Eating My Tomatoes?

I don’t think snakes are the culprit. There are many other animals that might be the cause of a damaged or eaten tomato. The most common of them are birds, mice, deer, rabbits, and slugs.

Deer are one of the most common tomato-eating animals. They really love eating tomatoes; they will come out of the woods at night to feed on it. 

You can prevent them from intruding into your tomato garden by building a fence or by using a net to protect your garden.

Birds are another culprit. They cause a lot of damage to crops, and one of the most notorious bird species is the sparrow. They will eat your tomato fruit. To prevent them from this, you can employ the use of scarecrows.

Rabbits have the potential to cause damage to your tomato plants, especially in areas where the garden is close to woods or fields. They love vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. The best way to keep rabbits away is by planting plants that repel them. Some of these plants are marigolds, mints, etc.

Final Thoughts

Snakes do not eat tomatoes because they are strictly carnivores. Different species of snakes feed on different animals, however, small to medium-sized snakes usually feed on animals and insects like slugs, mice, grasshoppers, and lizards.

Tomatoes cannot be digested by snakes because plant materials contain cellulose, which cannot be broken down by a snake’s digestive tract.

The best way to prevent any intrusion of animals into your tomato garden is by building a fence around it.

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