Do ducks kill snakes?


Ducks might look gentle and quiet, but they can pose a serious threat to snakes. Snakes are the most frightening of the pests that many homeowners encounter. Most homeowners will try as much as possible to keep these wiggly creatures away from their property. One of the methods of keeping snakes away that have become increasingly popular is through the use of natural adversaries. There have been discussions about the effectiveness of ducks for this purpose. You might be wondering if ducks can kill snakes or if ducks can deter snakes. Don’t worry; we have clearly answered these questions in this article. Relax, read, and get informed.

Do ducks kill snakes?

Yes, ducks kill snakes, but it depends on the type of snake. Many people usually try to classify snakes as just one group of creatures. But this is not the case. In fact, there are more than 3,000 species of snakes worldwide. Ducks cannot kill all species of snakes. They can kill some species, they can deter some, and at the same time, some snakes can kill ducks.

Unknown to many, ducks and snakes are real enemies, they can’t stand each other. Trying to deploy this enmity between snakes and ducks could be a little tricky. The success of this will eventually come down to size and species. Generally speaking, ducks can kill and eat smaller snake species, but larger snake species can pose a risk to ducks. Now let’s get into the details.

Duck eating a snake

What type of ducks kill snakes?

Just like snakes, ducks also have many different species. Most duck species can deter snakes; by nature, ducks don’t like snakes. However, some species like muscovites, steamer ducks, mallards, and Indian runners seem to have more snake-hunting expertise.

Muscovites: Muscovy ducks are pretty quiet in nature, but they are territorial. They don’t allow snakes in their territory. They can either kill or chase an intruding snake, depending on its size.

Streamer ducks: Streamer ducks are known for their wild and aggressive behavior; they are not easily domesticated, and they are very good snake eaters.

Mallards: Mallards are known to be loud and noisy. They are just as aggressive as steamer ducks. They hunt, kill, and eat smaller snakes easily.

Indian Runners: These species of duck are really good hunters. They are stealthy.

Ducks are able to feed on smaller snakes, both venomous and non-venomous. Snake venom is harmless to ducks when digested because the duck’s stomach acid kills it off.

What types of snakes are killed by ducks

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a complete or fully detailed list of species of snakes that can be hunted or killed by ducks, but according to confirmed reports by many farmers and pet owners, the following snake species have been killed by ducks: They are corn snakes, garter snakes, and copperheads.

However, it is believed that most small-sized snakes would probably be killed by ducks. Some larger snakes like water moccasins can even be driven by ducks.

Do snakes kill ducks?

Yes, larger snakes have the potential to kill ducks. It depends on the size and species of the snake. Some snake species, like chicken snakes, northern water snakes, and pythons, have been known to pose a serious threat to ducks. Chicken snakes can prey on duck eggs. They are really large snakes; they can grow up to 8 feet long. Northern water snakes do not only eat duck eggs, they also swallow ducklings. Pythons, on the other hand, will easily prey on a full-grown duck. Rattlesnakes can also eat duck eggs, but they will be chased away by ducks.

Should I use a duck as a pest control method?

No, we wouldn’t recommend this. We are aware that ducks can be used as a deterrent to snake intrusion, but there are better ways to address these problems than using ducks. Here are some reasons we would not recommend using ducks as a form of pest control

  • Ducks are not able to chase all species of snakes; therefore, using ducks will be ineffective if you have a larger snake problem in your property.
  • You make your ducks vulnerable to bigger snakes.
  • Snakes love duck eggs; having ducks roaming about may attract larger snakes that feast on duck eggs.

To determine if ducks may reduce the incursion of snakes in your surroundings, you have to find out the types of snake species around you.


Ducks may look gentle, but they can pose a serious threat to snakes. Duck species like Muscovites, Steamer ducks, Mallards, and Indian runners have been known to prey on smaller snake species like garter snakes, copperheads, and corn snakes However, ducks can be vulnerable to larger snake species like water snakes, pythons, etc.

If you’re looking to make use of the natural enmity between ducks and snakes as a form of snake pest control, be sure that you don’t have a larger snake problem; if not, you may be putting your ducks at risk. Larger snakes like pythons have been known to eat ducks, ducklings, and duck eggs. They may become more frequent at your duck house because of this. If you have a larger snake problem, we recommend contacting a professional pest control company.

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