Can rabbits eat sticky weeds?

Can rabbits eat sticky weeds

It is pretty common for pet owners to look for new treats for their pets. Finding a new food item for your pet rabbit is something worth considering if you intend to help them get a balanced diet. Rabbits are able to eat a wide range of green, leafy vegetables and herbs; however, not all green leaves are suitable for them. In this article, we will consider the possibility of rabbits eating sticky weeds. Can rabbits eat sticky weeds? Let’s find out.

Yes, rabbits can eat sticky weeds. Sticky weed is not toxic to rabbits; however, sticky weeds should only be given to rabbits as treats in moderation.

What are sticky weeds?

Sticky weed

Sticky weed (Galium aparine) is also known by different common English names such as cleavers, catchweed, sticky bob, sticky bud, sticky back, sticky molly, sticky jack, grip grass, sticky grass, and bobby buttons.

Sticky weeds are a common annual weed plant. They have creeping stems that spread and grow along the soil and above other plants.

They cling to the stems and leaves using the little hooked hairs that shoot out of them. The stems are angular or square in shape and can grow to be 3 feet (0.91 m) or longer.
The leaves have a narrow, oblanceolate shape with six to eight whorls.

Stick weeds are characterized by their tiny, star-shaped flowers that range in color from white to green. These flowers usually emerge from early spring to summer. They appear in clusters of two or three and emerge from the leaf axils.

Can rabbits eat sticky weeds?

Rabbits can eat sticky weed; however, like all other treats, it should be given in moderation. Sticky weed is not toxic to rabbits, so they can eat it without any harm.

Benefits of giving sticky weeds to rabbits.

Here are a few benefits of giving sticky weeds to your bunnies:

Stimulation: From time to time, it is necessary to stimulate your rabbit, both mentally and physically. This helps keep them healthy and happy. You can achieve this by giving them a variety of foods, like sticky weeds. This will enhance their lives and keep them from becoming bored.

Variety: Sticky weed should not totally replace other leafy greens in your rabbit’s diet. However, it can help to add variety to their meals. Rabbits can become bored with the same sort of food, so offering them a variety of options can keep them interested in their meal.

How to Feed Sticky Weed to Your Rabbit

Below are some steps to follow if you plan to feed your rabbits sticky weeds.

1. Wash the sticky weed plant properly: It is always important to wash any vegetable or green leaf before feeding your bunnies. Sticky weed might be contaminated by dirt and other toxins, so it is necessary to wash it thoroughly before feeding it to your rabbit. Wash and rinse under running water, do not wash with detergents. 

2. Use it sparingly: Sticky weed is harmless for rabbits, however, it should not be a regular part of their diet. Give it only as a treat in modest amounts.

3. Introduce it gradually: When offering sticky weed to your rabbit for the first time, take your time. Give them a modest amount to start with and gradually increase the quantity over time.

4. Avoid picking sticky weed from the wild: If you pick sticky weed from the wild, be sure it hasn’t been exposed to any dangerous chemicals or pesticides. It is advisable to collect sticky weed from a known contaminant-free region.

5. Provide a range of leafy greens: While sticky weed can bring diversity to your rabbit’s diet, it should not be used in place of other leafy greens. Provide your rabbit with a variety of leafy greens to ensure they get all the nutrition they require.

6. Keep an eye on your rabbit’s behavior: Some rabbits have been observed to develop allergies to some particular food; therefore, it is important to monitor the behavior of your rabbits after giving them sticky weeds. Ensure that they aren’t having any negative reactions. Stop feeding sticky weed if your rabbit develops diarrhea, vomiting, or any other strange symptoms.


Rabbits can eat sticky weed in moderation as a form of “treat”. It can offer variety to your rabbits, and this can help stimulate them mentally and physically. Despite this, sticky weeds should not replace other leafy greens in their diet. When offering sticky weed to your rabbit, remember to wash it thoroughly, introduce it slowly, and offer a variety of other leafy greens. By following these tips, you can ensure that your rabbit stays healthy and happy.

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