Can pigs eat deer corn?

can pigs eat deer corn

If you are a hunter, you would have known that Deer corn do not only attract deers. Wild pigs can also fall into the deer corn trap because they will eat almost anything. But as a farmer, you may not be aware of this, thus the question Can pigs eat deer corn?

The answer is yes, pigs can eat deer corn, but be careful not to feed corn cobs to your pigs.

What is deer corn?

Deer corn” is a kind of feed frequently used to entice deer to a particular location. It is made of cracked corn, a grain that is rich in both protein and carbs. Deer corn, which is frequently provided in the shape of a pellet, is frequently utilized as a supplement to a deer’s natural diet.

can pigs eat deer corn?

Pigs can consume everything you offer them, including deer corn, thus the answer to your question “can pigs eat deer corn?” is yes. A fantastic option for many animals, including pigs, is deer corn. Pigs can eat both plant- and animal-based diets because they are omnivores. They are also reputed to be scavengers, meaning they will consume anything they can. Pigs may get the nutrition and energy they need from deer corn when it has been ground into smaller particles, as this will enhance the digestibility of the starch in the corn.

When feeding deer corn to pigs, it’s important to make sure that the feed is fresh, and grounded to smaller particles. The worst thing you could do is to bring corn cobs to your pigs because this might cause them to choke on their feed, or cause digestive issues for your pigs. It’s crucial to ensure that the feed is fresh and free of mold or other pollutants because pigs might get sick from eating rotten or outdated feed (read how to dry up a muddy pig pen). Additionally, it’s crucial to feed the deer corn sparingly because an excessive amount can cause gastric and digestive problems.

Pigs have access to a wide range of alternative feed sources in addition to deer corn. These consist of grains, hay, alfalfa, fruits, vegetables, grains, and meat, basically anything that humans eat that has good nutritional value can be given to pigs. Pigs should be fed a variety of various types of feed in order to give them a balanced diet, as deer corn can not provide them all the nutrients that they may need to live a healthy and happy life.

Do pigs like deer corn?

Well, I would bet that pigs can eat anything that seems edible, whether it can harm them or not. however, whether pigs like deer corn or not depends on your pigs, they might like it or not. To really determine whether or not your pigs like a good deer corn meal, you have to feed them and observe how each of them reacts to the meal, their behavior towards the deer corn should be compared to that of a vegetable or rice meal, that is where you can get your answers.

Pros of deer corn for pigs

You are not bombarding me with questions. You’re curious about how many nutrients your pigs will get from a deer corn meal; after all, the goal of feeding them is to keep them healthy. Deer corn has some nutritional value that can help your pigs’ health. These nutritional values will be the subject of our discussion.

Pigs can get a lot of protein from deer corn. It is composed of numerous grains, including oats, wheat, and barley. This mixture of grains gives the pig a high-quality supply of protein, which is necessary for the development and growth of muscles. Deer corn’s high fiber content also aids in maintaining the pig’s digestive system’s health and efficiency.

A fantastic source of necessary vitamins and minerals is deer corn. It contains vitamin A, which is crucial for health and eyesight of the eyes. Vitamin B12, which supports the nervous system, is also included in it. Deer corn meal also contains potassium, a crucial nutrient for maintaining fluid balance and blood pressure.

The fact that deer corn keeps pigs healthy and content are one of its most significant advantages. Pigs are social creatures and require interaction with other pigs to maintain their health and happiness. They can interact with other pigs and stay active and healthy by eating deer corn. Deer corn also contains a lot of fat, which keeps the pig’s coat healthy and lustrous.

Cons of deer corn for pigs

Everything that has a benefit inevitably has some drawbacks. Despite how much farmers enjoy feeding their herd of pigs some deer corn due to the many nutritional advantages, there are still some restrictions or drawbacks. These are a few restrictions to take into account when trying to feed your pigs’ deer corn.

1). To start with, deer corn is not a comprehensive food source for pigs. Although it might provide a good source of protein and carbohydrates, it is deficient in the vitamins and minerals that pigs require to stay healthy. As a result, it shouldn’t be your pigs’ exclusive source of nutrition. As an alternative, it should be supplemented with other food sources including hay, vegetables, and fruits.

2). The cost of deer corn-feeding pigs is a drawback compared to alternative feed options. Although deer maize may be a wonderful source of nutrition for deer, feeding pigs with it is not as economical. Deer corn may therefore cost pig farmers more money to feed their animals than other kinds of feed.

3). Another factor is how tasty deer corn tastes when fed to pigs. Deer corn is less tasty than other types of feed. Oats, barley, and wheat are common examples of sweet, high-energy meals that pigs love. Pigs might not consume as much deer corn as they would with other types of feed as a result.

4). We mentioned before how pigs may have trouble digesting deer grain. This is because it has a lot of fiber, which pigs may find challenging to digest. Pigs may experience discomfort and stomach issues as a result. Before feeding the deer corn to your pigs, it is crucial to grind it up into a finer texture.

5). The possibility of deer maize having a high sugar content is the last potential drawback for pigs. This can result in several health problems, including diabetes and obesity in pigs. As a result, it’s crucial to keep an eye on how much deer corn you’re giving your pigs and, if necessary, replace it with other sources of nourishment.


Yes, pigs can eat deer corn, however, this does not mean that deer corn will provide all the nutrients that your pigs will need and that is why sometimes, you may have to substitute the deer corn with things like meat, fruits, vegetables, barley, oats and so on.

if your Pigs do not seem to be eating deer corn because they do not find it familiar, or they do not seem to be eating anything at all, the best option for you is to visit your veterinarian. They are in a better position to advise you on the best meals for your pigs.

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