Can leopard geckos eat millipedes?

can leopard gecko eat millipedes

You have a leopard gecko as a pet, and you are wondering what to feed it. Leopard geckos are insectivores, which means they eat insects. But do they feed on all types of insects? Have you ever wondered if your leopard gecko pet is able to feed on millipedes? Can leopard geckos eat millipedes? We have answered this question in this article. We also looked at other types of insects that leopard geckos can feed on. 

Can leopard geckos eat millipedes?

Yes, Leopard geckos can eat millipedes. However, millipedes are not on their typical menu. They would feed on them if they were available. In the wild, leopard geckos will feed on any sizable insect they can find.

Small sizable millipedes can be fed to geckos.

If you’re thinking of feeding your leopard gecko millipedes, there’s no problem; you can go ahead. However, you should take note of these important factors.

First, make sure that the millipede you intend to feed your leopard gecko is properly sized. To get this done correctly, it is advised that the prey you feed your leopard gecko should not be larger than the spaces between the gecko’s eyes.

If you feed your leopard gecko with an oversize millipede chances are that your leopard gecko will have problems digesting it and it may even cause it to choke. 

Similarly, you should avoid feeding your leopard gecko with wild-caught millipedes. This is because they usually carry parasites that can make your leopard gecko sick when consumed. Instead, you should buy captive-bred or frozen millipedes from reputable pet stores.

Many leopard gecko owners feed their pets millipedes. So if you take note of these factors, you shouldn’t have any problems feeding your leopard gecko with millipedes. Millipedes can actually provide geckos with a good source of nutrition, which helps them stay healthy and active.

What insects do leopard geckos eat?

Apart from millipedes, there are other types of insects that leopard geckos can eat. Some of the very common ones are crickets, mealworms, waxworms, hornworms, and superworms. Others include sowbugs, potato bugs, pill bugs, grasshoppers, beetles of all types, moths, tree crickets, caterpillars, Dubia roaches, etc.

It is good to feed your leopard gecko a variety of insects; this helps them to get all the nutrients their body requires. Apart from wild-caught millipedes, you can feed your leopard geckos with other wild-caught insects. However, you should make sure that these insects are collected from a pesticide-free environment and are free of parasites.

You may not be able to find all this variety of insects in a reptile store; hence, you may need to catch them yourself using an insect trap.

Of all the insects that could be fed to leopard geckos, crickets, mealworms, waxworms, and superworms are the most popular choices among many leopard gecko pet owners. The major reason for this is that they can be easily found in many pet stores. They are very cheap, so they can be bought in very large quantities.

Leopard geckos usually prefer eating live insects, but they can be fed frozen insects if necessary. You can go ahead and feed your leopard gecko with a frozen insect if your leopard gecko pet is sick or if you can’t find live food.

What insects are poisonous to leopard geckos?

Although leopard geckos are insectivores, there are some insects that can be harmful to them when fed. Some of these insects are spiders and scorpions. Some spiders and scorpions are venomous. They are able to inject Vernon into leopard geckos if they bite them. This can cause serious health issues and may even lead to death in some cases. Make sure you avoid these insects.

Do leopard geckos eat centipedes?

Yes, leopard geckos can eat centipedes. Leopard geckos are native to the Middle East and some parts of India. In their native environment, they encounter centipedes, and they eat them. To survive in the wild, leopard geckos will eat any type of insect that they can overpower or capture.

Centipedes can be a good source of protein and calcium for your leopard gecko. However, if you decide to feed your leopard gecko pet with centipedes, make sure that you select a centipede of the proper size. Your leopard gecko may get injured if it tries to eat an oversize centipede.


Leopard geckos can eat millipedes, they feed on millipedes in the wild, so they’re also able to feed on millipedes in captivity as well.

However, if you decide to offer your leopard gecko pet a millipede, make sure the millipede is small enough to fit into the mouth of your leopard gecko. 

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