Can cats hypnotize snakes?

Can cats hypnotize snakes

I am here playing with my cat and I began thinking, can cats hypnotize snakes? I have heard people talk about this a lot, but is this just a myth or does it actually happen? so I decided to do a research to know if cats can hypnotize snakes.

Can cats hypnotize snakes? No! cats don’t have the ability to hypnotize other animals. I’d like to think that it is snakes that can hypnotize cats.

However, there is some evidence that suggests that cats may be able to partially influence the behavior of some snakes, mostly by using their body language and movements to make the snakes feel comfortable.

Therefore, if you’re ever lucky enough, or manage to catch the sight of a cat trying to hypnotize a snake, be sure to stay and watch! It’s definitely a sight to behold.

What do we mean by Hypnosis?

Alright, let’s get back to the basics. According to Wikipedia, Hypnosis is a human condition characterized by focused attention, decreased peripheral awareness, and an increased ability to respond to suggestions. This means that people or persons in a hypnotic state are more susceptible to suggestion, which is why hypnosis is sometimes used for things like weight loss or to quit smoking.

The person being hypnotized is usually aware of what’s going on around them, but they’re in a more focused and relaxed state, suggesting that some people can enter hypnosis voluntarily. It’s often used to help people manage the pain, anxiety, and stress of the hypnotized

Do Cats Hypnotize Snakes?

Some people believe that cats can hypnotize snakes. They think that the way a cat moves its body and stares at a snake can put the snake into a trance.

They think this would make the snake less likely to attack or defend itself, but I do not believe this one bit, because there are still others who think that snakes can hypnotize cats. Both animals are predators, so when they see each other, it is a battle of the fastest and fittest, however, it is not news that a lot of snakes do not stand a chance when it comes to cats.

But does this actually work? It is complicated and I do not think so, plus there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Some people have tested this theory and found that it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference because they found out that snakes cannot be hypnotized by cats, as snakes are more likely to attack when they feel threatened, regardless of whether a cat is around or not, but some certain people feel like and claim to have seen snakes hypnotizing a cat.

So till we have some clear evidence that cats can hypnotize snakes, we’ll stick with what we know, which is a NO. However, this does not rule out the fact that cats have awesome abilities that they put to use when trying to get their prey.

Ancient Beliefs on Cat-Snake Relationships

You may be wondering if there’s some scientific ground for the belief that cats can hypnotize snakes, and where people that believe in this phenomenon got their idea from. Well, ancient stories and myths suggest that cats have always had a special relationship with snakes. Many cultures describe cats and snakes as being associated with each other, whether they are friends or foes.

In ancient Egypt, cats were revered as gods – with Bastet being the goddess of protection against disease and evil spirits, She has been portrayed as battling the evil snake Apep, an enemy of Ra.

Similarly in India, Nakula was the god of cats who could turn into a snake when facing danger. India also believed that the cat goddess Manasa could charm and hypnotize snakes by singing to them.

In Japan, there’s a belief that cats can hypnotize snakes through their powerful gaze and sound vibrations from their meows. This is because in Japan cats are worshiped as gods of fertility and healing – thus it is believed that their gaze can bring both good and bad luck depending on who they look at.

So whether or not cats can actually hypnotize snakes remains a bit of a mystery – but there are certainly some interesting ancient beliefs surrounding this relationship between these two domesticated animals!

What do cats do when they see snakes

Well, if my cat encounters a snake, I would love it to RUN! Many owners would want their cats to act on their instincts, which is to attack, but in fact, cats like mine are more likely to flee than face their fears.

In the wild, cats are naturally wary of snakes due to their venomous bite. So, when a cat sees a snake, it instinctively knows to avoid it at all costs. It may even hiss or growl in a warning to the snake, sending a clear message that it wants to keep its distance.

But cats also have interesting instinctive behavior when it comes to dealing with snakes. Scientists believe that cats will sometimes “stare” at a snake in an attempt to mesmerize it. This behavior is known as “glaring,” and it has been seen in many different species of animals, including cats.

The theory is that cats, with their large eyes and sharp vision, can hypnotize a snake with their gaze. This is thought to prevent the snake from striking, as it will become fixated on the cat and unable to move.

While this behavior has been observed in cats, it’s difficult to prove that cats actually hypnotize snakes. There is, however, plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that cats can mesmerize their prey. Many cat owners have reported that their cats stare down and even kill snakes, which could be a sign that they have the ability to hypnotize them.

Whether cats really can hypnotize snakes or not, one thing is for sure: cats are naturally wary of snakes and will usually flee rather than stay and face their fears, which is a pretty wise decision because you wouldn’t want to lose your cat or your snake. So, if you see your cat acting strangely around a snake, it’s best to keep your distance and let your cat take care of the situation.


In conclusion, it would appear that the answer to the question of whether or not cats can hypnotize snakes is no, but some people like to think it is true. However, it is still not fully understood how or why this occurs, but it is a known phenomenon.

Just in case you own a cat and a snake, there is no reason to be alarmed. Your cat wouldn’t hypnotize your snake and cause it to do its bidding. However, it is still an interesting action to observe, and I personally would like to watch this happen.

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