Does chlorine kill snakes?

Does Chlorine kill snakes

Does chlorine kill snakes? Does chlorine have the potential to kill a snake? I’ve heard people say that snakes are attracted to chlorinated pools, but that is not true; it’s a common misconception. Instead, chlorine harms snakes. Chlorine can actually kill a snake. However, it depends on the level of exposure. Chlorine is a very …

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Can pigs eat deer corn?

can pigs eat deer corn

If you are a hunter, you would have known that Deer corn do not only attract deers. Wild pigs can also fall into the deer corn trap because they will eat almost anything. But as a farmer, you may not be aware of this, thus the question Can pigs eat deer corn? The answer is …

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How to dry up a muddy pig pen

How to clean up muddy pig pen

This is the third time in two weeks that your pig pen is looking so messy and because of that, you are expected to clean it up. Again! My best friend likes to say, Lazy people are the ones to invent new and easier ways to do things, but I think only Geniuses want to …

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Can cats hypnotize snakes?

Can cats hypnotize snakes

I am here playing with my cat and I began thinking, can cats hypnotize snakes? I have heard people talk about this a lot, but is this just a myth or does it actually happen? so I decided to do a research to know if cats can hypnotize snakes. Can cats hypnotize snakes? No! cats …

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